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Welcome to Western Australian Leaders

Western Australian Leaders inspires companies through knowledge, connections and resources.

Leaders surrounds companies with the expertise and experience of Business and Industry leaders to provide an effective, trusted community that fast-tracks outcomes and leads to greater prosperity for each Member.

The focus of the Leaders Connect Series is to provide a sustainable community platform for companies to be connected to the latest Knowledge, community and  Resources. The Western Australian Leaders network drives personal engagement with local and state business and industry leaders.  The Leaders Resource Centre and the International Leaders App provided the digital connection for the entire network.

Companies will be able to access the latest expertise and knowledge as they engage with a broader community locally and across Western Australian.

Your Opportunity

The  Leaders Connect Series is tailored for companies based outside the greater Perth North area. The Connect Series enables these companies to access the latest information and expertise to grow their business and make better decisions.  The Connect Series also allows Member companies to join Western Australian’s Leading business community online and attend key events in Perth North.

The Leaders Connect Series brings fresh expertise, industry knowledge and valued connections. The Series enables leading companies to face a broad range of challenges and opportunities, as well as driving personal, professional and business growth. Best suited to dynamic business leaders seeking efficient access to:

With a focus on skilling up the founder and senior executives of the company, Members formally participate in monthly events throughout the year, and have access to the Leaders Resource Centre at all times.

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How Does the Leaders Connect Series Work. 

Leaders Connect Members are provided access to the most influential Business and Industry Leaders.  The Leaders Connect Series will provide:

  • Structured, ongoing professional development, access to industry knowledge and support from Business and Industry Leaders, in a trusted community; 
  • Real-world connections with peers to fast track company growth; 
  • Private and confidential access to senior Business and Industry Leaders to facilitate strategic and business opportunities through the network; 
  • Enhanced level of public relations, and promotion from involvement with Leaders;
  • Exclusive access to expert videos, interviews, tools and connections.

    What do You Get?

    Membership includes ongoing opportunity to access

    Monthly Knowledge Workshop - Delivered Online

    Workshops are delivered online to Connect Members. Leaders Connect Members access three of these workshops each month for 10 month from February to November, delivered by Industry Experts. (live online or recorded)   The workshops provide the most up to date knowledge and expertise to support Executive Leaders navigate challenges and accelerate growth.

    Leaders Resource Centre & International Leaders APP

    The entire Leaders community and resources in one place. Easily access the latest information and content, as well as profiles and information of others involved. Engage directly with Industry Experts and other participants to build trusted relationships and create new opportunities. 

    ‘Ask the Expert’ Platform & Inner Circle

    Get direct access to answers and information on the critical issues, and opportunities being faced.   Directly connect with Industry Experts to make informed, timely decisions regarding these issues and opportunties.

    Reciprocal Rights

    Expand your business into new markets and connect with other people within the Western Australian Leaders Community. Use our exclusive reciprocal rights access to attend events within the Western Australian Leaders Perth North Series.  Reciprocal Rights provides the most efficient way to develop new markets and opportunities.

    Community & Expert Catch Up

    Grow your business connections.  Join our monthly online forum designed for our Connect Series Member to engage with other Members throughout Western Australian

    Sounds Great! How do I get involved?

    Your Commitment is: Leaders Connect Membership is $900 (+GST) per year per company 

    Membership includes all expenses associated with involvement, except travel to events.  Membership include one profile per company.


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    Western Australian Leaders Connect Series Membership is not available to businesses located in the greater Perth North region.

    By submitting this Connect Series  Membership registration, you also accept the Membership Terms & Conditions found here:  Terms & Conditions


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